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August 2011
Artist Monograph

ISBN 13: 978-1-55595-358-4
ISBN: 1-55595-358-1
192 pages
11 x 11 in.
28 x 28 cm.
200 color plates

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William Steiger

by Richard Vine, Christopher Gaillard et al.

♦ Features 200 color plates of the work of this American artist, who uses iconic American imagery in a contemporary presentation

♦ Includes 13 essays contributed by leading artists, architects, and authors

♦ This is the first monograph published on Steiger's paintings

NewYork-based painter William Steiger’s focus is on fundamental representation of the American landscape. His subjects are industrial and recognizable—grain towers, cable cars, trains, and amusement park attractions.

His graphic, distinctly schematized work is grounded in the traditions of classic American landscape painting and the machine-age Precisionism of figures like Charles Sheeler and Charles Demuth. The abstracted geometries of his compositions have been central to modern art from cubism through minimalism to Neo-Geo.

Steiger’s work marshals these traditions and techniques to produce meditations on the nature and fate of the built world and the human striving that produces it. As Richard Vine, senior editor at Art in America, puts it in his introductory essay, Steiger has “moved inexorably toward an evermore elegiac representation. [Images] such as an outmoded water tower set against blank sky and an extinct industrial building seek to commemorate…the passing away not simply of a lifestyle or one individual consciousness but of all creatures. Subdued, decorous, yet unblinking, such works are visual odes on mortality.”

Steiger received an MFA in painting from Yale University. His work has been shown around the world and is in distinguished private and public collections.

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