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February 2010
Museum Publication

ISBN 13: 978-1-55595-316-4
ISBN: 1-55595-316-6
240 pages
10 x 12 in.
25 x 31 cm.
175 color plates

Storytelling Time
Native North American Art from the Collections at the University of North Dakota

By Arthur F. Jones, Lucy Annis Ganje, and Nelda Schrupp
Introduction by Leigh D. Jeanotte

♦ Includes 175 color plates illustrating clothing, headdresses, ceremonial objects, and other artifacts—many never before published—of the tribes that live in the North and South Dakota region of the United States

♦ A highlight of the publication is the original manuscript recounting of the Battle of the Little Bighorn written by a warrior who fought there, Joseph White Bull, nephew of Chief Sitting Bull

♦ An invaluable addition to the study and understanding of Native American traditions and history
The University of North Dakota’s history is irreversibly intertwined with the difficult history of the Plains Indians whose land includes the regions of North and South Dakota. Founded in 1883, the University has been collecting Native American art and artifacts for more than a century.

With great respect of how the Native American people use and cherish these objects, this catalogue documents this extraordinary collection of clothing, headdresses, and ceremonial objects, many of which incorporate exquisite bead and quill work.Many objects presented in this publication are pieces their Native American owners did not consider objects of art, but instead viewed them as symbols of status, identity, or ceremony. Often pieces are a connection between the past and future, and handed down from one generation to the next. In addition to the older pieces, contemporary native artwork is also featured.

The essays that accompany this collection examine the history of each piece and engage in the discussion of the traditions and the future of Native American art.